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Edward Poo

"This is my second session at Simply Massage. The receptionists are warm and friendly. On both visits, Shasha never once disappointed me. Very warm and soft spoken lady, but has great technique with ample strength.
She was able to target the knots in my calves that had been bothering me for weeks. Great job and keep up the good work!"

"Had a 2hr massage with Paris. The room was clean and tidy. Paris has years of experience in massage and she was able to soothe my back and tight muscles. She was also friendly and we had a good conversation. 2hrs passed quickly and I left with my muscles relaxed."

"I have been getting a massage from Ms Casey for many years. I suffer from a lower back problem (Sciatica). Her massage technique (combination of fingers and elbow), application of pressure at the correct spots has ensured that I have lead an almost normal life despite my back problem. She has a pleasing personality and understands English language. I would gladly recommend her."

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